Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Talking with The Voice of the Octagon...

Had a good time yesterday chatting with Bruce Buffer yesterday on the "It's Time!!!" radio show. Thanks for having me Bruce!

The show is archived and available for listening and download on or can listen on your ipod or computer through a podcast on itunes.

Just finished having lunch at a Thai restaurant in Aliso Viejo with my friend Rebecca Voss and author  Dominique Mainon. Don't forget to check out Dominique's new book, FEMME FATALE: Cinema's Most Unforgettable Lethal Ladies. She's a breast cancer survivor that has been through a lot this last year, so we are all trying to support her by buying a copy. She also has 4 other books that are available  if you are into movies and pop culture, you can see them all on her Author's page - they make great Christmas presents.

Speaking of the holidays, we had a great Thanksgiving. Lots of people coming and going throughout the day. Michael even fried a turkey in the driveway. Kara and the kids wanted to know why the turkey was OUTSIDE. It had to go in a big tub. It's quite a project and you have to know what you are doing or it can be a hazard, but fried turkey is pretty delicious. Definitely need to take my Duzoxin this week more than ever to recover from all the feasting. What did everyone else do for turkey day?