Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo shoot and the St. Regis

What a day it was on Friday! I had an all-day photo shoot for Duzoxin, the company I am now working with. I'm excited to be moving forward with their new ad campaign which will also include a TV commercial (which 30 fans can appear in also. So check out the Duzoxin Facebook Fan page for details). I had my hair curled by Victor from The Living Room Salon and Art Gallery and my makeup was done by Jeanne Romano.

I wore a Cavalli dress (the leopard one) for the main part of the shoot. The photographer was Lyle Okihara and you may see him on one of the upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County because he was the one who shot pictures of Tamra Barney also, under the direction of Tammy Knickerbocker. I was lucky in my shoot because Duzoxin provided the ultimate luxury prop to pose with - a black Rolls-Royce Phantom! The company will be releasing some of those soon. It was kind of like my old ZZTOP days getting in and out of a car so many times! The photos came out BEAUTIFUL though. I can't wait to be able to post them. It was a really fun shoot. Thankfully my friends Trevor and Keith came along and helped out and gave moral support.

When Shane arrived, they started goofing off and I think as soon as our art director/videographer Dominique is done editing the video you'll see what was going on. He really needed some good shots, but we got more that. I'm glad we have some of us together. I can only post a couple right now, but Duzoxin may show them all in the next couple days on my social page.
Jeana Keough and Shane Keough Duzoxin Photo Shoot
Jeana Keough and Shane Keough Duzoxin Photo Shoot
Jeana Keough for Duzoxin

We had a wonderful time at the St. Regis last night afterwards. Ben Medina, Keith and Trevor came, and my friend Rebecca Voss and her cousin and Quinn. They even made a special martini named in my honor - the "Jubilant Jeana". It was pretty tasty. More to come soon...

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