Friday, November 6, 2009

Surviving Tough Times

After being in the top 3% of Realtors worldwide for years, the transition to my salary being cut two-thirds hurt! My expenses and payments on the big house were over $20,000. Washington Mutual/Chase helped me immensely getting my loan modified on my main house; GMAC worked with Shane and was also great to work with. My friends with the smaller banks lost their homes. It pays to stay with the big boys. There needs to be more regulation on overdraft fees. College kids live close to the line all the time and a 7-dollar sushi roll can cost 35 in overdraft fees. Those lessons kids can do without learning! Most of my friends are in the same situation so we have movie nights and BBQs at my house. We will some day laugh at all this I hope.

Everyone thinks something awful happened between Vicki and I. I was sad when I saw that Vicki had said I was toxic on the premiere. I can’t imagine what would have caused her to say that. I hope next week explains why she would say something so mean. When time is valuable, you have to focus on what makes you feel good and what makes you money. I really needed support mentally; I have never been through a depression before. My savior was Rebecca and Tom Ferry my business coach. Rebecca Voss got me out of the house and Christina Cody and John Ellis got me working out. I am taking my Duzoxin again, all the bad economy and divorce depression, really put some pounds on me as you can see. But I am back on track and ready to work it off before the holidays hit. I love the product so much.

Tom Ferry got me a book agent and a ghostwriter to write a book about my life. It took about three months to shake out of my funk.I felt I was always there for Vicki, through thick and thin and she wasn’t there for me.

Dinner at St. Regis was the first time I had seen the girls in months, and I was upset that Lynne’s beautiful night was spoiled. Tamra and Gretchen both have legitimate beef with each other, but it is time to grow up and move on. Tamra may have started it months ago, but they are both are guilty of taking there troubles with each other to the blogs.

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  1. Jeana,

    Thank you so much for sharing your ups and your downs with us. It has been a very, very difficult time here as well and I have fallen into the depression. It helps me to know you were there too, and somehow, you managed to get out of it.

    I, too, have put on weight. Being in a wheel chair doesn't help - but there are bulges where there weren't bulges before. Augh. And that leads to feeling more depressed.

    At any rate, good on you.

    Another Sconi ex-pat