Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Southern California Life Morning News and The Living Room

Got picked up in a limo this morning for a nice little jaunt out to Murrieta today to shoot a couple segments for the Southern California Life Morning News. Staella Gianakakos was our beautiful host and we talked in depth about The Real Housewives of Orange County, what I am doing next (which I won't reveal in full here but it's pretty exciting), my work back with Duzoxin which I am very happy about  and a discussion with Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery about Smooth Shapes.These are some pictures from the studio:

Tomorrow I am visiting one of my favorite hair stylists, Victor Paul of The Living Room Salon and Art Gallery to get hair and makeup done for my afternoon photo and video shoot with DuzoxinTV.  The salon is just an amazing place, like no other, full of art and interesting pieces. It was converted from an old automobile glass repair warehouse. We'll be shooting some video there perhaps, so maybe we'll be able to post some of it (and maybe me modeling too...)

The Living Room Salon


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